How to play – part V

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More about the fight

Here I’ll try to describe in details, how the fight is proceeded in the „303 Squadron”. They are of course the „general rules”, which can be modified by the pilot’s ability or the battle card. The sentence „unless the card says otherwise” can be used almost in every paragraph 😉.


First combat round.

Choose which German aircraft in your field you want to attack and take the matching Luftwaffe dice. Next, reduce the ammo level on the indicator by 1 to take two blue RAF battle dice. The fight is played in 2 combat rounds. Roll the RAF dices and start the first one.

Roll the Luftwaffe dices, choose one of your RAF dice and play (if you want) one of the combat cards from your hand to reach the best result. You can activate the special ability of the card if possible. Allocate all the damages and the scatteer tokens you have dealt. Assign also the damages you have received by marking them on the player’s board.

Second combat round.

For the second round re-roll the German dices and draw your second RAF dice. You can play the second combat card. If you continue to fight with the same opponent, you have the symbols from the first and second encounters available , which simulates the building the tactical advantage during combat. You can also activate the special ability of the card you have just played.

If you have decided to fight another opponent, you cannot use the symbols on the card and dice used in the first clash.


During the first or second combat round, another player in the same field can play a card, adding the support symbols on it to the support symbols on your active combat card, trying to add a hit or dodge. Remember, that you can only receive such support once per fight.

After implementing the results of the second clash, your dogfight ends.

The next player in this field begins his fight. He can choose any of the other German aircraft in the field. You can of course play a combat card as a support to help him in one of his combat rounds.

Here are some remarks also:
• The players make their combats one by one. To speed up the gameplay, you can resolve fights in different fields at the same time.
• If your ammo is 0, you cannot attack the Luftwaffe aircraft. However, you can still play cards as support or defense, so do not feel useless 😊
• The player rolls RAF dice only once at the beginning of the fight. Does not reroll the second dice before the second combat round.
• You can activate the special ability of only the active combat card, it means the one you played in the given combat round.
• Support is also played to the active combat card.
• On the help card you will find information about which dice a German aircraft uses, its range and how much damage should be assigned to shot him down.
• Scatter tokens are used to smash German squadrons into smaller groups, slow down bomber raids, and block counterattacks of German fighters. If you are not able to shoot down the enemy aircraft, delaying its actions also brings results.
• If you decided to withdraw from the fight, you discard the pilot card you played and draw a new one. You replenish ammo and combat cards to the maximum amount. In the next round you will come back playing a new character.
• If you decided not to use the special ability instead of two blue RAF dice, draw one blue RAF dice and yellow special combat dice
• There are results on the five sides of the special dice that give you the option to choose a symbol. You can decide whether the symbol rolled means a hit, dodge or maneuver. The sixth result indicates you two damages, which you cannot avoid.


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