How to play – part IV

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Combat cards

Here is example of the combat card with small description.


1. Support
This section of the card can be to help other player during his dogfight. You can add the support symbols from your card to the ones on the active card of your collegue. The result of 3 hit symbols adds one hit to the combat result. Similary, 3 dodge symbols will give additional evade. The playes decides, what value the „universal” symbol will take, but 3 of them will not create the required sequence. At lease one symbol must have the value such as the support you want to get (hit or dodge).


2. Movement range
You can play during the movement phase, to increase the range of your movement up to 4 fields (depends of the number of the symbols in this section).


3. Defence
These symbols are used during the counter-attack of the Luftwaffe. When on the German dice there is the hit result, you can discard the card with the matching symbol of the propeller. In this way you will save you and your team mates from damage.


4. Combat symbol
Use during the combat round. Add the symbol to the dice you have played to make your attack more efficient.

5. Combat area
Area for the combat dice
If you have enough ammo, roll the dice and place it here.

6. Special ability
If the symbols from the dice and cards are matching the requirements, you can use the special ability of the card


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