How to play – part III

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Dice and symbols.

One of the important element of the game are the dice. They are used during the combat and counter-attack. As the players, you will use the RAF dice during the dogfights with following results on them:

Hit – you were in the perfect attack position. Deal one damage to your oponent.

Dodge – allows you to avoid one hit.

Maneuver – you were able to confuse your oponent using your great flight skill. You can assign the „maneuver token” to the German plane you fight with. He will not be able to perform any action and losses his turn to cancel the effect of your maneuver. You can assign more of these tokens to one plane.

In the certain situations, you can decide to use the special combat dice.

Success – you can use any symbol. You decide if it’s hit, dodge or maneuver.

Overload – you were trying to fly hard, but you overload the structure of your plane. You get 2 damages.

To check the result of the German combat actions, you will use the sets of the Luftwaffe dice.

Hit – your plane gets one damage as the result of the German’s attack.

Dodge – Luftwaffe pilot was able to avoid your hit.

X – counter maneuver German pilot predicted your plan. Remove one of the maneuver symbol from your pool if you have any.

Re-roll – you have to reroll the dice with this symbol.

On the Luftwaffe dice, together with the hit results there are small propeller symbols.
During the counter attack, when the Luftwaffe is attacking, you can avoid the hit by playing the combat card with the corresponding symbol:

Here is examples of the fight cards:


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