How to play – part I

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We invite you to read the first article about the game “303 Squadron”.

“303 Squadron” is the cooperative board game with the scenarios inspired by the true events. Playing the role of pilots 303 Squadron our task will be to defend Great Britain against German squadrons.

After placing the board at the middle of the table, placing the tokens in the area available to player, shuffling the battle cards, choosing the pilot you want to play and assigning three of the remained of the characters to the reserve – we choose the scenario.

Each scenario card presents information about the task to be carried out by the players, the goal and tactics of the Luftwaffe, the number of rounds and additional events that will appear during the game. For each scenario there is also dedicated deck of German’s squadron cards.

We are shuffling this deck and placing the cards randomly at the starting points defined by the scenario. Then, on these fields we are setting corresponding models of the Luftwaffe planes.

We draw the appropriate number of event cards and place them face down on the auxiliary board. On this board there is also a marker of the game turns and a drawn scoring token (covered)

Each player sets his plane in the field indicated by the scenario and selects the appropriate number of combat cards.
We are ready to start the game.

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Hobbity and Ares partnership

We proudly announce that we partnered with Ares Games which will be responsible for distribution of the English version of “303 Squadron”.Their experience with distribution

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Player board

Player board. Today we present the final graphics of the player’s board. It’sshows the interior of the Hurricane cabin. Learn more about our game Facebook

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