How to play – part II

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I’ll try to present what is happening during one turn of the game. The combat will be presented more deeply in the next posts, so here you’ll find just one or two sencences about it.

So, each turn of the game is played in the following steps:

As first, you will decide if you prefere to use the special ability of your pilot this turn, or you want to take the special combat dice in spite of one of the blue dice used during the combat. Next, every player draws 2 cards from the deck.

Players’ movements

Now you make the decision where to fly. The range of the Hurricanes is 1, but you can discard one card to increase it by the value displayed in the movement section.

In this moment you can disengage from the fight. If you do so, you will skip this turn and come back in the next one with the new pilot from the reserve.

Once all players have made their move, they can attack those Luftwaffe planes that are in the same field.

RAF Combat

The combat is played in the 2 combat phases (2 strikes). Choose your target and try to shoot it down or distract it using dice and cards. If you can’t do it in the first attack, build an advantage and get ready for the next one. You can also help other players during their fights

Counterattack of the Luftwaffe

All German fighters not engaged in the fight during the RAF combat phase and do not have scatter tokens allocated, will try to shoot down players’ planes. To do this, roll the Luftwaffe dice for all them and check the results. If one or more [hit] have been rolled, players can avoid them by playing combat cards and using matching defense symbols [propellers]. Each player can use just one card and select only one defence symbol. Everyone receives the damages for all the hits that could not be defended.
If any of the German fighters were assigned scatter tokens, they will not participate in the counterattack, instead discard one of the tokens.


Movement of the Luftwaffe

After counterattacks, German planes that do not have scatter tokens assigned will move according to the flight path defined in the scenario. If any of the Luftwaffe aircraft have assigned scatter tokens, instead of making a move, he discards one token.

Attack of the Luftwaffe

If German planes have not used all of their actions to move, and after it has ended up in one field with players’ planes, they can make an attack. Select as many dice for each Luftwaffe fighter as movement points have not been used. This attack is performed just like a counterattack, players can also defend against it using the defense symbols on the combat cards.

In this phase, we move the turn marker, reveal event cards, and place the elements associated with them on the board. We also draw two combat cards.
The next turn of the game begins.

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