What is 303 Squadron?

It's an intense, fast-paced board game that will push you and your plane to the limits.

Inspired by a true story

303 Squadron was the most effective RAF squadron during Battle of Britain.

Comprised of various individuals, we strive to recreate how they fought – and won – again the German invasion.


In the clouds

You, your plane and your comrades are the last bastion of defense.

Without you, Britain shall fall. Be brave. 


Choose your strategy

It’s up to you how you will face the enemy. You can fight in a formation or engage in individual raids. Every move has its consequences so choose wisely. You only have one chance. 


Coming This year

303 Squadron will be available on Kickstarter in 2019. 

Battle engagements will be fast, fierce and unforgivable.

Get ready. 

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How do game pieces look? What is included in the box? How does the game work? You'll find everything in the news section.

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